All Fools' Day

Today, is the day for practical jokes and hoaxes. Whoopie cushions, fake blood, tall tales and the like. Well, today I don't feel like being a jokester. (tomorrow's another day) So when I tell you that I'm serious about helping people achieve their fitness goals, correct their posture, excel in their sport... I mean it.  You'll find a lot of trainers out there who are all smoke and mirrors. They'll tell you..."I'm here for you" and then never answer a text of email. They'll say things like..."of course I can help you rehab your knee, I'm an expert" and then scurry to their lap top or smart phone and google 'rehabbing knees'.

When it comes to your health, do you really want a dishonest trainer helping you? Or someone who is going to lie to you in order to make a sale?

Make sure you do some research and due diligence when selecting a trainer. Are they certified?  If so, by who?  Not all certifying agencies are the same. Have they interned or worked with a doctor or medical professional?  Do they have the necessary education to confidently and effectively train you?  Do they train full time or is it just a side gig to make some extra cash?   You should be getting the idea by now.  Not all personal trainers are created equal.

BTW...I'm stuck overseas and ran out of money and have no credit cards. Can someone please send me $2000 so I can get home...

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