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Lifting Heavy Can Help You Unlock Your Endurance Potential

For many years, endurance athletes stayed away from lifting weights, thinking that time in the gym was going to add bulk to their frame, slowing them down. But as we learn more about strength training, athletes and coaches have found that strength training is not only beneficial; it’s necessary. Read the full story.
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Why You Should Consider Stretching as Exercise?

Whether you’re cooling down after a run or doing a few stretches at your desk when work is starting to become a pain in the neck (literally), most of us recognize the benefit of stretching. But we can also probably admit we aren’t doing enough of it. The problem is, we tend to think of…
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Less than 1 in 3 Americans meet the govt. fitness guidelines

Less than a third of Americans, and only one in five teenagers, meet new physical fitness guidelines issued by the federal government Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services said. The guidelines, which officials said could be easily achieved by most, recommend the same level of exercise as the original standards released in 2008…
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