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You might be surprised to learn that a study conducted for AARP The Magazine found that women aged 40 to 60 initiate 66 percent of divorces! To top it off, 26 percent of men admitted that “they never saw it coming.” (1) Now obviously there are many factors that can contribute to divorce, but what…
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Fitness Myth: Skipping Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Most people think skipping breakfast can help reduce weight. The reality is that skipping breakfast can have adverse effects on your health. Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast People who skip breakfast seem to gain weight more than people who do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lower concentration. People who skip breakfast may not get enough…
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Knee Pain Exercises – Strengthening Knee Muscles

Sports and other activities can cause knee pain. It is advisable to get this pain checked by a doctor or physical therapist. Exercising the muscles surrounding the knee joints makes knees stronger and less susceptible to injury. Exercises to Strengthen Knees 1. Chair knee extension: Sit in a chair and rest your foot on another…
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