Exercises for Back Pain

People who suffer from back pain prefer to stay in bed and rest. Research shows that rest without mobility can worsen back pain. Back exercises and normal daily activities can alleviate back pain and help you remain active.

Tips to Alleviate Back Pain

Your chances for back pain increase if you work long hours sitting at a computer. In such cases, you should sit straight without drooping. Short breaks to walk and stretch helps avoid back pain. Include back exercises in your daily routine as well.

Exercises for Back Pain

  • Regular yoga practice can control back pain. Yoga is a proven remedy for other health ailments like high blood pressure, body aches, depression and stress.
  • Pilates is an exercise that involves stretching the body to improve flexibility and strength. Pilates can relieve back pain when practiced under the guidance of a qualified trainer.
  • The exercises or activities you choose should involve elements of endurance, strength and flexibility.
  • Low impact exercises, like walking and water aerobics, can relieve lower back pain to some extent.
  • Manual therapy is an effective way to solve flexibility issues of your spinal cord.

Seek medical advice before starting an exercise routine for back pain. Contact NY in-home personal trainers at Elevate Training + MMA for information on back pain exercises. Call 888-316-7220 / 917-337-8860.

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