How a Foam Roller and Olympic Lifting Changed My Life

My apologies - it's been a while since my last post.  Let's get right into it then.

A few moths ago I realized that I was becoming lazy.  I reduced the frequency of my training and had gained a few pounds. I also started to notice that I was tight (inflexible), lacked mobility in several areas and I had hip and shoulder pain.  So I started training again, but this time I took a different approach -I was now training for flexibility, mobility and explosive power (this is where the olympic lifting comes in).  I started using foam rollers, tennis balls and my own two hands for SMR (self myofascial release).  I took a few weeks, but eventually the pain subsided and I was ready to start lifting again.  Mike Basciano (personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and competitive lifter) began to train me in the olympic lifts.

We started slow and light (I was still pretty inflexible) and it was difficult at first.  A few months later and I'm snatching, cleaning and jerking some pretty good weight and I'm doing it explosively and most importantly -pain free.  There's no doubt that I will continue to train this way and eventually incorporate some of my usual training routine in the mix.  I feel much better, have less pain, increased energy and I'm more explosive than I've ever been.  This should all translate well into my new training -Japanese jiu-jitsu and Jeet Kune Do.

Talk to you soon

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