How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Most people suffer from back pain either chronically or occasionally. Back pain occurs for numerous reasons, and the pain may range from slight to severe. The good news is there are non-surgical options that might reduce back pain.

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Performing regular back exercises plus walking will help reduce back pain. There are numerous lower back exercises, including:

Chair stretch: Sit in a chair and lean forward until you feel a slight stretch in your back. Remain in this position for 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise 3 to 4 times.

Cat stretch: Get down on your hands and knees and keep your head down. Drop your back, and raise your head. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Knee rolls: Lie on your back, place a book under your head and keep your knees together and bent. Lower your legs, with knees together and bent, to one side. Remain there for one deep breath, and then return to original position. Repeat this 10 times for each side.

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