It's not the size…it's how you use it.

OK -get your mind out of the gutter.  I'm talking about where you train and exercise.  You don't need a 5,000 sq ft gym, hundreds of pieces of equipment and a monthly charge to lose weight and build a great body.  I've helped people get ripped and look great in their spare bedrooms, basements and even their garages.

With a few pieces of equipment and limited space (being used effectively) -you too can have the body of your dreams (sounds like an infomercial huh?), but it's true -just ask some of my in-home clients.

With that being said -I am building a training facility, you guessed it -in a garage.  It will be equipped with everything you need to loose weight, get stronger, become more explosive and yes, have the body of your dreams.  All that is missing -is you.

Grand Opening will be in the near future.  Contact me with any questions or suggestions (

Talk to you soon.

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