Nutrition: Don't believe everything you read

I'm sure you've heard those words uttered a thousand times -you know why? Because there's truth in that phrase. Same goes for -Don't believe everything you hear. If you search the internet for 'best diet', you'll get thousands of hits ranging from Paleo, Mediterranean, 21 day fixes, Women only diet sites, supplements that claim to shed fat almost instantaneously and plenty of "experts" trying to sell you something. 'Eat like a mountain goat to build lean tissue', 'My 7 day diet book will change your life forever' --yeah, you'll be $29.99 poorer, and have wasted several hours reading a silly book. What do mountain goats eat anyway??

Now go and ask a friend, co-worker or family member a nutrition or diet question -they suddenly become experts in this field as well! Cousin Sally will exclaim that her electrolyte based water infused with cayenne pepper, lemons and a just a squirt of honey will melt fat off of your hips like you were waist deep in Mount Vesuvius' volcanic wake. She'll espouse knowledge you never knew she possessed "based on the glycemic index, time of day, protein synthesis, and pepper, it works!" Sally, I thought you groomed dogs?!?

Now, I don't claim to be an expert in this field. I'm still learning and trying to expand my knowledge base. What I do know is that one plan, method or supplement doesn't work for all people. Often times it's trial and error, money spent, and plans that seem to work short term. One must define and outline their realistic goals, needs and wants. Then next step should be seeking the guidance and advice of a professional, e.g. (Holistic Dr., Naturopath, registered dietitian, nutritionist, certified personal trainer...with a specialty certification in weight management, nutrition counseling or something similar). Find someone who is willing to spend time with you, understand your lifestyle and work with you. Get blood work done to get baseline numbers, discover and assess sensitivities to food, lower your intake of sugar. These are just some decent suggestions.

Whether it's weight loss, gaining muscle or lifestyle changes -do your homework, educate yourself, seek the advice of professionals and enjoy the process. Yes, there most likely will be some trial and error and money spent. Your needs and goals will most likely change over time. You are always evolving and so your thinking, training, eating habits and lifestyle may follow suit. You don't have to go it alone -there's help out there. The hard part is deciphering the phonies from the real deal. I'll always try my best to help. Now it's time to meet up with Sally and down some of that lemon, pepper honey drinks.

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