Shut the F**K up and lift!

I've heard every excuse in the book... "I don't have enough time", "I can't afford a Personal Trainer", "I don't know what to do."

Not enough time huh? About a year ago I trained myself  3x's per week for 30 minutes each session for about 3 months (this was my getting ripped phase) I dropped about 12lbs, had a crazy amount of energy and was ripped (I'm talking about a six pack, chiseled shoulders and veins the size of garden snakes in my arms.  I implemented this program with some of my more advanced clients and it worked for them too. They had great results and never looked or felt better.  I have since modified this program for beginners and started to use it a few months ago -once again, awesome results.

So, you're telling me you don't have 90 minutes each week to dedicate to getting into the best shape of you're life? C'mon!

OK...OK...I know money is tight for most people right now -but how many of you have spent thousands of dollars on home gyms, weight loss products, ab gizmos and gym memberships over the past year? Yeah, I thought so -and all those things have done what for you?  This year, hire a professional certified personal trainer and use that money wisely, unless you like way your clothes look hanging on your Bowflex.

No one is born knowing human anatomy, movement science, program design, how to lift and exercise properly, etc, etc...that's why I'm here.  If you don't know what the quadriceps muscles are, then you don't belong in a gym training yourself.  If you say to yourself "no pain, no gain" as you perform another behind the neck pull down -then you may have shoulder and neck pain as long as you live. If you think that personal trainers are former third string high school athletes or shmo's off the street who wear tight t-shirts and do biceps curls...then you may be right.  However, there are a small number of us out there who are professional and dedicated trainers. We have the education, certifications, knowledge and experience to help you lose weight, strengthen that post-op knee, make the football team, keep up with your kids and lead a healthy, happy life.

Happy & Healthy New Year!

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