Study Shows Kids Who Eat This Perform Better In School


Statistics show there is a direct correlation between students eating a healthy breakfast and doing much better on school performance. In the past, this has not been proven through case studies. Now, there is ground breaking evidence which provides high positive expectations for the future.

The Following

Cardiff Univ. created a study following five thousand students between the ages of nine and eleven. These students also attended over one hundred different schools. During the case study, the quality of breakfast was ensured and student achievement followed directly. Final testing took place during intervals from six to eighteen months.

Positive Results Arise

Positive results were the consequence – the students who ate a higher quality breakfast outperformed their peers. Students who outperformed their peers did so by at least 50 percent in most cases. To date, this appears to be the biggest study conducted in this area of refinement.

Children who consumed chips and sweets for the morning meal did not improve academically during the study period. Through the following, students consistently listed all foods eaten over the period of twenty-four hours. The times of day were also included in this documentation.

Other students who were provided with a healthy breakfast performed at much higher standards. These students were given fruits and veggies routinely for snacks through the day. A significant difference was referenced within the data collected.

The Evidence Strongly Noted

The evidence is noted in the Public Health Nutrition Journal, providing strong standings to ensure children have a healthy breakfast provided to them. There is a positive link which is strongly associated with increased school performance for these children.

The Importance of Health

Improving the overall health of the children is very important. School budgets are already stretched these days which comes alongside the increasing pressure for the children to academically perform at increased rates. If schools can provide breakfast to students on a regular basis, this one factor can create a foundation for the student to progress academically.

School & Parent Responsibility

Although, it is the responsibility of the parent to provide a healthy breakfast to the student, how many children are lacking in this area? And, how many are suffering academically due to this situation? If schools and parents would partner together to create a positive foundation for the children, then more positive changes could transpire in the area of academics.

Programs which offer free breakfast, in addition to free lunches, for children should also be highly considered. Ensuring the future of our children comes one day at a time in the present, helping them to be able to fully succeed in life.

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