UFC on FOX…MMA is going main stream!

For all those who have never heard of the UFC or know what mixed martial arts is -you soon will.  For those of us who have been following and training for years -this is good news.  I have been boxing since I was 17, kick boxing and learning MMA for several years, and training MMA athletes for the past few years.  It is finally being recognized as a real sport, although it has been the fastest growing sport for several years.

This means more air time for UFC and their fighters -which in turn means greater sponsorship, more money for the athletes, and ultimately more young men and women hoping to become the next UFC champion.  With that being said, I should let you know that we are almost finished developing the ultimate strength and conditioning program for mixed martial artists and UFC hopefuls.  Elevate Personal Training + MMA hooked up with Next Level Speed to come up with some of the best programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced MMA athletes.  We will incorporate Olympic lifts, plyometrics, and much more to develop world class athletes.  More information and classes coming soon.

Check out this article from msnbc: http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/44194146/ns/sports-mma/

Talk to you soon.

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