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In-Home Personal Training in Westchester County

Founded in 2007, Elevate Personal Training + MMA is the number one company providing in-home personal training in Westchester County. We have been helping clients attain their fitness and wellness goals since our inception.

Our trainers focus on individualized one-on-one fitness, group sessions and corporate fitness. We have an amazing team of certified trainers that have a unique philosophy which targets all aspects of health and fitness. We provide convenient, customized and creative workouts that bring positive results.

Reasons for Choosing Us

Consistency and Motivation: Scheduling sessions with our inspirational trainers have proven to be an effective and dependable way to help you remain faithful to a results-oriented training program.

Effectiveness and Safety: Our knowledgeable trainers will help guide and educate you on the use of various pieces of gym equipment and how they impact your body. After the initial evaluation and assessment, we can quickly build and tailor a program to achieve your fitness goals.

Individualized Instruction: Each training program is unique to its client. During your initial evaluation with postural assessment and movement, we will also assess your current fitness level, how your body is moving and adapting, your injuries, and your goals and desires. This will help us develop a unique program based on your individual needs.

Sport Specific Training: Whether your sport is baseball, football, soccer, rugby, MMA or anything in-between, we’ll coach and guide you to becoming the most explosive and dynamic athlete you can be.

Injury Rehab and Special Needs Training: Just coming off shoulder surgery? Have chronic knee pain? Suffering from scoliosis? We are ready to help you regain function, mobility and freedom from your ailments.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been with Elevate and Marco for several months. They are excellent trainers and this is an awesome facility. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a professional and dedicated personal trainer.
-Victor D.

I love training with Marco and his crew at Elevate! They kick my butt in a good way. My training is always challenging and I leave feeling exhausted but also feeling great, if that makes any sense. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
-Morgan L.

I started training with Marco in my home 2 months ago. He helped me build out my gym space and choose equipment that we would actually use. So far so good. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high end personal trainer and coach.
-Jim S.

Excellent, top tier training! I have been with Elevate and Marco for just over a year now (this was my New Year’s resolution in ’16) and it’s been an amazing, transformative time in my life! Thank you Marco!
-Susan P.

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If you need help with in-home personal training, we are here. Whether you’re interested in weight loss, body toning, gaining lean muscle, posture correction, getting stronger and fitter, self defense, etc., we’ve got you covered! In-home or in the gym, the choice is yours. Anything is possible. Call 914-206-0003 or email us at marco@elevatetrainingmma.com.