Why choose Elevate?

Elevate Personal Training + MMA has discovered from our clients the top 5 reasons why they continue to train with us and get results.

Consistency and Motivation:

Scheduling sessions with our inspirational trainers has proven to be an effective and dependable way to help you remain true to a results orientated training program.

Effectiveness and Safety:

Walking into a gym can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. This is partly due do to the multitudes of equipments and not really knowing how to use many of them. Our knowledgeable trainers will help guide and educate you on the various pieces of gym equipment and how your body works. After the initial evaluation and assessment we can quickly build and tailor a program to achieve your fitness goals.

Individualized Instruction:

Each training program is unique to its client. No cookie cutter programs –we factor in your current fitness level, how your body is moving and adapting, injuries, goals and desires…

Sport Specific Training:

Elevate currently trains amateur and pro athletes. Weather your sport is Baseball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, MMA or anything in-between –We’ll coach and guide you to becoming the most explosive and dynamic athlete you can be.

Injury Rehab / Special Needs Training:

Just coming off shoulder surgery? Chronic knee pain? Scoliosis?...

Our network includes:

Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Corrective Exercise Specialist ready to help you regain function, mobility and freedom from your ailments.