Considering hiring a personal trainer to come to your home? Or building a home gym?

> Here is why it’s probably a good idea—(if you hire the right trainer and company 😉

> First and foremost—You will be in the comfort and convenience of your own home. There’s a lot to be said for that. Studies have show that if you are comfortable in your training environment-it usually leads to better results.

> You can wear whatever you would like. No need to put on your “gym best”. Barefoot? No problem! Shirtless? That’s cool!

> You never have to worry about inclement weather or traffic. Just step out of your office or roll out of bed and get going.

> You will not have to deal with hot, crowded gyms and you can play whatever music you would like!

> When done training you can quickly hop into your shower, get ready and go.

> You can design and customize your gym to suit your needs, goals and wants —paint color, lighting, art work…and of course, equipment.

> Keep in mind that not much equipment is needed to start or create a home gym. If you have the space and the resources —then sky’s the limit! I’ve helped create home guys from 300 ft.² to 3000 ft.²

> Contact me to discuss In Home Training and/or to help you design and create a spectacular home gym.