Elevate and Marco are outstanding. He has been coming to my home 3x’s a week to train with me in my home studio. I didn’t have much direction or focus, so I decided to hire a personal trainer. When I came across the Elevate site and started reading, I was like, Yes! This is the one! I’m extremely busy with running a business and life in general -So, that fact that Marco is able to travel to my home several times a week is invaluable. He’s been helping me with my mobility and strength. I have fewer daily aches and pains. At 57 years young I’m now able to resume playing tennis this Spring! Thank you Marco


I’ve been training with Marco the owner of Elevate Training + Lifestyle Design for only a short time now (5 months). In that time I have lost about 17lbs and have dropped 2 dress sizes. I’m feeling more confident, stronger and fitter. He also helped me create an in-home training area in my basement. Marco is creative, talented, educated, professional and very good at what he does! I’ve worked with other trainers in past, none compare to Marco!

Barbara A. Ridgefield, CT

The sessions with Marco are always interesting and strike me as thoughtful and innovative. They are not your run of the mill weight-pushing exercises, but designed specifically to meet my needs and goals, but often in unexpected ways. This keeps the sessions interesting and always with new elements and challenges to be overcome. My back issues, though not entirely cured, have dramatically improved and I am largely out of pain and have full range of motion. My core and general strength and flexibility have increased significantly.

Dan Epstein

I began to see and feel immediate results. One of the most astounding results was in the first eight weeks of training my body fat dropped from 21% to 16.8%!
I am now in my fourth month of training with Marco and am amazed with the results I continue to achieve. Marco makes each workout different, challenging, and honestly, fun. I really look forward to our sessions and enjoy his genuinely sincere and encouraging personality.
I confidently would recommend Marco to anyone wanting a personal trainer with vast knowledge, experience and the ability to help achieve noticeable results.

(Pastor) Ray Hadystilianos

Marco works with many people who are in far better condition than I was, or will be for quite a while, yet he has infinite patience with my lack of ability, often much more than I do for myself, as well as my terrible short term memory which forces him to remind me and repeat instructions constantly.
I am endlessly impressed with his knowledge and how he integrated other corrective ideas into my life, such as diet and proper shoes, so I could accomplish my goals. He takes a very holistic approach to training, something rarely found or even available to the average person who joins a “gym”.
Thank You Marco!

Meg Mahon, R.N., J.D.

He performed a complete assessment on my overall health and fitness level. We then started training 2 times a week. After 2 months I lost 22 pounds. After 7 months, another 38 pounds. So at age 39, I am in the best shape of my life, and the strongest I have ever been thanks to Marco. Marco mixes up the training sessions, so they are new and never boring. Another bonus from training with Marco is that you will have fun, and a lot of laughs. I would highly recommend Marco to anyone looking to lose weight, gain strength, or to make a positive impact on their health.

Ellen Sample RN, FNP

Have been with Elevate and Marco for several months. Excellent trainer, awesome facility. Would recommend to anyone looking to get a professional, dedicated personal trainer.

Victor D

Love training with Marco and his crew at Elevate! They kick my ass! In a good way 🙂 Always challenging and I leave feeling exhausted but great! If that makes any sense 😉 Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!  

Morgan L